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Water Restoration Plano TX

Millions of Americans are unaware how common and often a home has some type of tragedy or mishap with a water fault or cause from something much bigger from nature. The number 1 claim made for insurance in the USA is a water damage claim.

Restorations and repairs are high on all water restorations Plano TX homes that are in need, especially floors. Wherever the water intrusion is coming from, the floors usually get the worst of it. If you’re in urgent need of water restoration in Plano TX, always call (800) 821-9267 right away to book an inspection and to get a quotation for your specific case.

Wood floors are commonly repaired for many water restoration Plano TX experts

Texas has a very southern and rustic appeal in many homes, so wood is a very common material to use in the house. Being so popular and in demand for this aesthetic, all water restoration Plano TX professionals work with these types of repairs daily. 

With any material that has been affected by water little or alot, need to be attended to within 24 hours if possible. Calling a water restoration Plano TX specialist right away will make all the difference in restoring your floors to what it was previously. Here are the steps made,

  1. Remove all warped and rotting pieces of wood.
  2. A special auto fill putty is used.
  3. Fill in any holes.
  4. Repeat fill in holes again or what’s needed.
  5. Sand down all areas smoothly.
  6. A special primer and paint to finish.

These are the most common steps to take for wood repairs, but every situation does have its own need and special care. Sometimes if left for too long, a growth of fungus and mould will grow which needs to be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly. The last resort if the damage is too far gone, is to replace all that has been severely damaged with new wood material.

Laminate flooring may not be saved

Sadly it is rare that any type of board or laminate flooring that is under distress from water cannot be repaired. The best thing for laminate flooring that any water restoration Plano TX professional will tell you, is to replace with existing leftover laminate flooring from the original build, or buy all new material together that has swelled and ruined, to match up as best as possible to the remaining of floors that havent been affected.