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Water Damage Restoration Plano

Water damages are the 2nd highest claim made in the USA. 1 in 50 homes are affected by some kind of water altercation which has many people asking questions and are unaware of what is considered covered until they get denied when making a claim once the damage has caused harm to the house and needs repairing. If you are in urgent need of water damage restoration in Plano TX or the surroundings, always call (800) 821-9267 to get help quickly.

What is and isn't included in water damage restoration Plano services

Here is a list of what is considered covered when making a claim for hiring a water damage restoration Plano team of professionals, and what to look out for to avoid getting told no then having to pay the whole amount out of your pocket. Covered by homeowners insurance:

Covered by homeowners insurance: 

  • Sudden or accidental causes of discharge. 
  • Overflow and sewer back up from toilets, sinks and baths.
  • Floods and storms could be covered depending on the insurance broker your with.

Not covered by homeowners insurance: 

  • Leaks and cracks that seep in over time.
  • Deterioration over time on roof.
  • Faucets, plumbing and appliances needing repair and cause damage after being neglected.
  • Gradual damages like mould, rust, old wires. 
  • Poorly repaired.

Common confusion what is included when hiring a water damage company

There are some exceptions to the rule and grey area for some leakages that occur and gradually get worse over time. Some examples of that are:

  1. A tree from a storm fell on your roof and made a whole creating water to enter and manipulate all materials of the roof into your ceiling. A water damage restoration Plano team made repairs right away, only to find after some time later, mould and deterioration had been missed or found which the company could cover or your homeowners insurance could take care of.
  2. When appliances go bust and burst like a washing machine or a tank of water, the machine may not be paid to replace but the damage it caused will.

There are complex and individual scenarios where some coverages can be put into a claim or all. It is highly advised to read and learn what exactly your homeowners insurance will cover when and if you have to get a water damage restoration Plano of professionals over to help.